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How does DirectLegal work

Direct Legal provides a fresh approach to obtaining legal services.

We all have times when we need answers to legal problems. The traditional route is to contact a local solicitors, wait ages for an appointment, take time out of your busy schedule to attend, and then be astonished at the eye watering bill. We think that's more than a little outdated.

Direct Legal offers a modern sensible solution to these difficulties.

Our team of legal specialists are here to help you at your time of need. Using the very latest, cutting edge technology which is like having your own personal lawyer in your pocket, 24 hours a day. We don't make any distinctions or apply different price structures for different clients. Both business or personal matters are all handled at the same great value flat fee rate. We also provide a national coverage benefit, so you don't have to pay premium prices to fat-cat city centre Solicitor firms because of where you live. We put the law into your hands at a time that suits you.

The system is easy to use - you simply sign up, submit your legal problem or questions and pay a low rate fee. Our system takes over and our Lawyers reply in the response time you require.


Responses to your legal issues follow strict protocols of Client / Lawyer confidentiality, so you can be assured that any communications between us will remain between you and your Lawyers *1

Real Lawyers

We provide valid legal work from experienced, trained practitioners. There are no shortcuts in the quality of the services given to you. All of our Lawyers are specialists in their areas of expertise.


We are committed to the highest possible level of personal service to every one of our clients. At all times we promise a swift, personalised service that sets us ahead of other legal service providers.


We always place the strongest emphasis on our advice being accurate and guaranteed as being valid. This is backed up by the highest level of professional indemnity insurance.

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Experience our expert legal services - at great low costs.

There are three easy options - putting you in control over the speed in which you require your answers.
We also offer Personalised, 1-2-1 Consultations with our Lawyers, at a low fixed hourly rate.


£ 54.00

Including VAT

  • Response within 72 hours
  • Upload up to 5 supporting documents
  • 1 Lawyer's review, reply + 1 clarification
  • Detailed and Personalised Legal Advice
  • 100% Guaranteed Legal Advice


£ 90.00

Including VAT

  • Response within 24 hours
  • Upload up to 5 supporting documents
  • 1 Lawyer's review, reply + 1 clarification
  • Detailed and Personalised Legal Advice
  • 100% Guaranteed Legal Advice

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