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The Legal Services profession has undergone tremendous changes over recent years, as the demand for quality services by prospective clients has increased. Unfortunately, due to the fast pace of modern life, and the heavy demands upon our personal and business lives, increasing numbers of people simply don’t have the time for the sheer avalanche of legal issues we all have to deal with more each day.

It remains an almost closed world, as a lot of Solicitors and Lawyers still cling to outdated, archaic ways of handling people’s legal problems. Firstly there’s the constant use of confusing ‘Legalese’ language, and the crusty old approaches to dealing with cases in a speedy way. This keeps most people in a continual loop of not understanding their case or the process involved, which in turn creates a reliance and dependence upon the Solicitor’s service, and of course allowing them to bill you for more hours of work.

The average cost for legal services in London is between £370 and often as much as £1000 per hour + VAT. In smaller towns, the rates are around £180 per hour + VAT. Here at Direct Legal, we decided to ditch the outdated practices, the legal mumbo-jumbo and high costs. Instead we offer a fast, modern, customer focused approach to legal services. With Direct Legal, you achieve the same high standards of professional legal advice and legal work, from experienced legal practitioners, but at a fraction of the cost. We deliver on a 24/7 basis in a quick and convenient way, directly to your own PC, laptop or mobile device. The response time is dictated by you, not the fat-cat law firms.

We believe that access to legal services, should not be based purely on your ability to pay.

Whether at work, home or during your leisure time, tackling any aspect of UK or European / International Law *2, our legal experts will give you the fast answers and action you demand.

You can be assured that all our work meets the very highest, accepted standards for the legal profession. We hold extensive professional indemnity insurance for ‘all legal services’ (except immigration advice and swearing of oaths). This means you can be confident that all advice and any legal work on your behalf, is fully compliant, professional and backed-up by two million pounds per piece of case work handled. At Direct Legal, there is no scrimping of quality or professionalism.

At Direct Legal the only thing being cut, is your legal bill. Register today to learn more.

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