McKenzie Friends Myths.

Posted on the 6th of February 2019 at 13:30 in the Legal News category

A lot of people think they can pay a Mickey Mouse little business or internet advertiser who is  offering 'McKenzie Friend' services to deal with their disputes and court claims. This is in fact, a concept which the courts take an extremely dim view of.

For example, under the County Courts Act, the Civil Procedure Rules and the Lord Chancellor's Department Guidance Note, a 'McKenzie Friend' can only be permitted if they give their services to assist someone with their court hearing free of charge. You also have to obtain written permission from the court to appoint one. It is highly unlikely, they would be given permission to handle any aspect of your case in a commercial or business disputes.

Contrary to popular belief, and the websites of these self-professed cheap rate Justice-Avengers, 'McKenzie Friends' can only advise you “quietly and without interruption and in a manner so as not to disturb or frustrate the court’s proceedings” and assist you with paperwork or explain a point of law to you. They are expressly prohibited from addressing the court or presenting a case or presenting evidence or promoting any point of law.

So you may wish to think twice about those amazing website offers from people calling themselves McKenzie Friends’. They are unregulated, non-insured and often have no experience or legal training of any substance.

We will be highlighting some McKenzie Friend horror stories fro you soon.

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